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Cambridge Groundworks Contractor Available For Civil Engineering Contracts In Cambridgeshire

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Cambridge Groundworks Contractor Available For Civil Engineering Contracts In Cambridgeshire

Drainage Work Bucks

Murtagh Civil Engineering and Groundworks Contractors is available for projects in Cambridge, Peterborough and throughout the Cambridgeshire region. Murtagh are a highly experienced plant hire and ground works contractor in the region. For all equiries contact Murtagh Civil by proceeding to the contact page.

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  1. Janice Peterson

    I agree ( :

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  2. Harry P Carter

    Murtagh Civil are very good, nice job!

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  3. Tylers

    Us too!

    Posted on

  4. Butlers Construct

    We recommend

    Posted on

  5. David Humphries

    hello too from us david@mad..

    Posted on

  6. Harry K

    i do agree, Murtagh Civil are ok. harry.kane@jackso

    Posted on

  7. Gerald H

    Good company to work for

    Posted on

  8. Kate Taylor

    Hi again - only me - Kate from ALD.

    Posted on

  9. Malcolm Horsfield

    Good to see you so in this region. Mal H

    Posted on

  10. jonathan.nichol@tayl

    Hi Murtagh Civil great job thank you RE: Smithfields

    Posted on

  11. Steve MacArthur

    Hello everyone at Murtagh

    Posted on

  12. Peter Costelloe

    There's always a need for a good groundworks company in Cambridge and cambridgeshire. peterc@mille...

    Posted on

  13. H. Mellish

    Is Dave Morris still there?

    Posted on

  14. Jane Stell

    I like your style ( :

    Posted on

  15. Peter Jones

    Good job Murtagh, good job. peter.jones@willm

    Posted on

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At Murtagh Civil we possess years of specialised experience in groundwork and civil engineering. We are available for your projects with expertise in site levels and setting out, drainage, excavations, roads and sewers, manholes, gullies, muck away, stockpiling etc, etc. We welcome all projects including housing, commercial, retail, civils. You can count on Murtagh Civil Engineering & Groundworks for all your project needs.

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